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Community Spaces – North Vancouver Recreations & Culture

Organization nameNorth Vancouver Recreation & Culture
Address851 West Queens Road, North Vancouver, BC , V7N 4E3
MunicipalityCity of North Vancouver & District of North Vancouver
Capacity range10 - 200+
Brief description of spacesVariety of spaces including community offices, meeting rooms, small/medium/large multipurpose rooms, gymnasiums, theatre, arenas, pools
Elevator (Y/N)Y - for most spaces (please check)
Elevator jamb braille (Y/N)Y
Building ramp (Y/N)Y - for most spaces (please check)
Accessible toilet (Y/N)Y
Gender inclusive washroom (Y/N)Y - for most spaces (please check)
Are any spaces hearing-looped? (Y/N)Y - Delbrook, John Braithwaite, and Parkgate Community Recreation Centres
Public/guest parking (Y/N)Y - for most spaces (please check)
Free parking (Y/N)Y
Multilingual signs (Y/N)Y - Farsi signage available in some spaces (please check)
Link to code of conductN/A
Insurance required (Y/N)Y - can be purchased through NVRC
Contact number604-983-6395