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Community Spaces – District of North Vancouver

Organization nameDistrict of North Vancouver
Address355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver, BC V7N 2K6
MunicipalityDistrict of North Vancouver
Capacity range100 +
Brief description of spacesMunicipal hall - consists of council chamber, meeting rooms and office space for staff
Elevator (Y/N)Y
Elevator jamb braille (Y/N)Y
Building ramp (Y/N)Y
Accessible toilet (Y/N)Y
Gender inclusive washroom (Y/N)Y
Are any spaces hearing-looped? (Y/N)Y - Council chambers
Public/guest parking (Y/N)Y
Free parking (Y/N)Y
Multilingual signs (Y/N)N
Link to code of conductThe Municipal Hall does not have a code of conduct for the public that comes through the building or uses the meeting spaces.
Insurance required (Y/N)Y - for groups using meeting spaces which are not District businesses
Contact number604-990-2311