Vancouver startup to provide work opportunities for Syrian refugees

August 12, 2016

Vancouver Observer |  Since November 2015, approximately 30,000 Syrian refugees have arrived in Canada determined to leave the chaos of the war behind. More than 2,000 refugees now call British Columbia home (half of which have been relocated to the greater Vancouver-area).

Many refugees are educated and skilled professionals hoping to start providing for their own families as soon as possible. Unfortunately, according to the Canadian government, most Syrian refugees are unable to find a paying job within the first year of their new lives in Canada.

Globalme is a tech company focusing on the testing of emerging technologies and speech recognition optimization and dedicated to bettering the lives of those of need in their community.

Through their Globalme Involved initiative, they help companies and people by providing them with free of charge services and unique working opportunities. Globalme Involved’s goal this year is to provide jobs to refugees in the greater Vancouver area, giving them a running start to their life in Vancouver.

Globalme is currently interviewing candidates to join their team for a three-month, fully paid employment opportunity similar to that of an internship. Candidates will work on a wide range of tasks and projects pertaining to their area of expertise.

“Providing projects that are in line with a person’s professional background is essential for the recovery process,” says Hanna Golota, Founder and Managing Partner at Globalme.

“If we want to give refugees a fair chance at a better future, the right employment is one of the key elements”.

Last week, Globalme invited Sammy to be the first Globalme Involved candidate to join their already extremely diverse team.

“We have employees from all corners of the world, so we are used to coping – and thriving – with cultural differences,” Golota continues, “In fact, it is one of the key ingredients that makes our team so amazing. We have people from France, Korea, Holland, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Turkey and Poland – Syria is a nice addition to that list”.

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