Working Group 3

Working Group 3: Employment

Goal: North Shore immigrants have access to employment that matches their skills, education and experience.

Actions during 2016/17:



  1. Info Sheet: Immigrants and the North Shore Labour Market

    February 2017

    We created a handout for employees on how to connect with the North Shore’s immigrant talent. This resource was developed in collaboration with the North Vancouver Economic Partnership and the District of West Vancouver. See it here.

  2. Employer Resource: Discrimination

    February 2017

    This resource was created for employers with tools on how to support clients, customers, and employees impacted by racism or discrimination developed in collaboration with the North Vancouver Economic Partnership. See it here.


Working Group 3 Members:

Tim Blake, YWCA North Vancouver

Committee Members:
Elizabeth Jones, North Shore Multicultural Society
Karmen Blackwood, Capilano University
Lori Cameron, North Shore Multicultural Society
Maryam Nani, Immigrant Advisory Council
Nasser Ghorbandaiy, Immigrant Advisory Council
Patrick Stafford-Smith, North Vancouver Economic Partnership
Stephen Mikicich, District of West Vancouver


North Shore Demographics

63.6% of immigrants

in the District of North Vancouver were between the ages of 15 and 44 years when they arrived in Canada.
Source: 2011 NHS

30.7% of recent immigrants

age 15 years and over, in the City of North Vancouver are in the low income bracket.
Source: 2011 NHS

61% of recent immigrants,

age 26-64, in the City of North Vancouver have bachelor's degrees or higher.
Source: 2011 NHS

37.3% of West Vancouver

immigrants speak non-official languages at home
Source: 2011 NHS

17.5% of immigrants

in West Vancouver are recent immigrants (landed in Canada between 2006 and 2011).
Source: 2011 NHS

24,970 immigrants live

in the District of North Vancouver
Source: 2011 Census

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