Strategic Plan, 2016-2019

North Shore Settlement and Integration Strategic Plan, 2016-2019


After conducting extensive local research and community consultation in 2014 and 2015, NSIIP has produced a 3-year Strategic Plan (Read the full report).

The plan outlines priorities, goals and objectives that will ensure that the North Shore progresses towards its vision of a fully inclusive community where everyone has a sense of belonging. The priorities and goals have been established to build upon the existing strengths and assets of the North Shore and create a community where immigrants have the opportunity to fully participate economically, socially and civically.

NSIIP established working groups aligned with each of the priorities presented in this plan in 2016. The Working Groups aim to leverage the talent and expertise of key players on the North Shore who are committed to seeing these actions implemented.

Achievement of the objectives and actions outlined within the plan involve multiple stakeholders and organizations and will not only systematically improve the settlement circumstances and experiences of newcomers, but will support long term residents and community organizations to play an active role in shaping the ongoing development of the North Shore as a welcoming and inclusive region.

The key priorities and their working groups are:

1. Access to Information and Services 
Goal: Immigrants and community stake-holders all have access to current and relevant information and resources to facilitate settlement and integration.

2. Community Connection and Intercultural Relationships
Goal: North Shore residents are engaged in building cross cultural relationships and mutual trust.

3. Employment
Goal: North Shore immigrants have access to employment that matches their skills, education and experience.

4. Representation
Goal: Immigrants play a representative role in guiding the development of the communities of the North Shore.

Click on each Working Group link for updates on it’s continued progress and its members. Find a summary of the accomplishments from 2016-17 here

See the other recent reports here.


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North Shore Demographics

15.5% of immigrants

in the City of North Vancouver are Muslims.
Source: 2016 Census

31.6% of labour force

age 15 years and over, in the District of North Vancouver are made up of immigrants.
Source: 2016 Census

40% of labour force

age 15 years and over, in West Vancouver are made up of immigrants.
Source: 2016 Census

51.7% of recent immigrants

in West Vancouver were between the ages of 15 and 44 years when they arrived in Canada.
Source: 2016 Census

11.6% of immigrants

in the District of North Vancouver speak Farsi most often at home
Source: 2016 Census

36.7% of labour force

age 15 years and over, in the City of North Vancouver are made up of immigrants.
Source: 2016 Census

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