Journal: Canadian Diversity Fall 2016 – Association for Canadian Studies

January 20, 2017

Canadian Diversity is an research journal that focuses on questions of diversity, immigration, integration and multiculturalism.


Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: A Defining Moment in Responding to Refugees
    Howard Ramos
  • Resettling Syrian Refugees: A National Project
    John McCallum
  • Pathways into the Syrian Refugee Crisis and Some Escape Routes Out
    Elke Winter and Benjamin Zyla
  • Focusing on Refugee Children and Youth will Make a Difference
    Howard Ramos and Michal Ungar
  • When it Comes to Migrant Belonging and Trust, It’s not About the Money, Money…: A comparison of Canada’s Refugees and Economic Immigrants
    Jack Jedwab and Lori Wilkinson
  • Attracting, Retaining and Integrating Newcomers in Smaller Centres
    Naomi Alboim
  • Employment Pathways for Refugees: Barriers on the Pathway to a Good Job and the Importance of Getting There. – Part 1
    Micheala Hynie and Tina Changoor
  • Employment Pathways for Refugees: An Approach for Overcoming Barriers for Government-Assisted Refugees in Ontario – Part 2
    Ashley Korn and Phillipe Raphael

Involuntary Minorities Among Francophone Manitobans: Resistance, Resilience and Revival
Nathalie Piquemal and Yves Labrèche

Inclusive or Targeted Health Services for Newcomers
Virginia Lane and Dr. Hassan Vatanparast

Global Refugee Realities: Enhancing Resettlement and Integration Outcomes of Refugees
Fariborz Birjandian

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