Expression of Interest: Coordinator, North Shore Board and Committee Diversity Project

March 22, 2017

NSIIP is seeking expressions of interest from individuals interested in coordinating the North Shore Board and Committee Diversity Project on a part-time, flexible basis between May and December 2017.  The coordinator would be responsible for the following:

Activities and Deliverables:

  • Meeting and liaising with the NSIIP Coordinator and representatives of NSIIP’s Representation Working Group to receive strategic direction on the project and confirm approach.
  • Recruiting and screening diverse candidates interested in joining North Shore boards and committees. The focus would be on adults and youth who have moved to the North Shore within approximately the last 10-15 years from top sources countries such as Iran, China, the Philippines and South Korea, among other under-represented groups (target 20-30 people).
  • Identifying organizations interested in diversifying their boards and committees. Establishing their requirements and desired skills and qualifications for candidates (Target 10-15 organizations).
  • Organizing a board and committee information/orientation sessions for potential candidates in collaboration with pro-bono trainers followed by a networking event to match interested candidates with local boards and committees.
  • Following-up with North Shore organizations and candidates to identify how many candidates are successfully matched as a result of the networking event (Target 10-15 people)
  • Arranging for receiving boards and committees to participate in more in-depth diversity awareness sessions with pro-bono trainers.
  • Organizing a more in-depth training session on governance issues with matched candidates with pro-bono trainers
  • Preparing a final report on the project


  • This is a part-time, flexible opportunity for a candidate willing to take this on as an independent contractor or a temporary employee of the North Shore Multicultural Society.
  • Office space and equipment will be provided if required.
  • Level of work will vary from week to week, depending on timing of events.
  • Budget for consultant fees or salary not to exceed $14,000
  • Desired qualifications:
    • In-depth understanding of non-profit and local government board and committee roles and structures;
    • In-depth understanding of immigrant integration and inclusion issues;
    • Knowledge and understanding of key North Shore stakeholders;
    • Experience coordinating projects similar in scope and focus.

Interested Candidates:

  • Please submit a resume, cover letter and a proposed plan & budget for the project by Monday, April 3, 2017 to Alison Dudley, NSIIP Coordinator, at alisond@nsms.ca
  • Proposed budget & plan should show proposed hourly rate and estimated time required to complete each activity and deliverable with some additional detail on proposed approach (2 pages max).
  • NSIIP and its contract manager, the North Shore Multicultural Society, is not bound to accept or enter into a contract with any Expression of Interest received and reserves the right to negotiate with interested parties.
  • For more information, please contact Alison at alisond@nsms.ca or 604-973-0452



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