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NSIIP Forum 2017

Date: March 3, 2017
Venue: Mountain View Room at The View on Lonsdale: 2121 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2K6


NSIIP invites all the North Shore community leaders, service providers, and employers to attend this forum to hear about NSIIP’s progress on immigrant integration and inclusion initiatives in our community and to participate in a great training and networking opportunity.

Forum Objectives:

  • To bring together North Shore community leaders, public service providers, and employers to learn about the NSIIP Strategic Plan and the progress of the 4 working groups’ key initiatives undertaken in 2016/17.
  • To provide a training & networking opportunity for staff from a variety of North Shore organizations: Providing Services While Respecting Inclusion and Diversity

Forum Agenda:

8:30-9:00    Registration, Light Breakfast & Networking*

9:00-9:10     Welcome & Opening Remarks by NSIIP Co-Chairs*

9:10-9:30      Presentation of the Latest Immigrant Trends & Statistics for the North Shore*

9:30-10:15    Panel Discussion on NSIIP Strategic Plan & Working Groups: Highlights of Work Accomplished and Future Directions*

10:15-10:30  Coffee Break

10:30-12:25  Training Workshop: Providing Services while Respecting Inclusion and Diversity (See below for synopsis)

12:25-12:30  Closing

Training Workshop Synopsis:

Inclusion, equity and diversity are important concepts to keep in mind when providing services to clients that are new to Canada.  In order to provide our services in a respectful manner we are all keen to learn about the norms and practices of the communities we serve. In doing so, we set goals for ourselves in order to improve our cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, cultural safety and cultural competency. Can we truly be competent in someone else’s culture?

A Keynote Presentation:
Are You Truly Cultural Competent or Just Racially Stereotyping?, by Dr. Gurdeep Parhar, Executive Associate Dean, Clinical Partnerships & Professionalism, UBC Faculty of Medicine; and

A Facilitated Discussion of Case Examples:
Competency versus Stereotyping, by Dr. Anita Parhar, UBC Faculty of Education & Honorary Lecturer, UBC Faculty of Medicine.

Tickets: $20, available for online purchase till February 24.

Get your ticket now.

For more information, contact Minori at minorii@nsms.ca, 604-973-0457.


*This Forum is partly funded by Immigrant, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. Guests are welcome to attend the IRCC funded portion of the Forum (starred) free of charge. If you will not be purchasing a ticket to attend the Keynote & Training, please RSVP by contacting Minori at minorii@nsms.ca.


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