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More than 20 members, representing a wide variety of community agencies, make up the North Shore Immigrant Inclusion Partnership (NSIIP).

They represent all facets of North Shore communities: local government, settlement and community services, education, business, parks, recreation and culture, libraries, cities and volunteerism.

The NSIIP is co-chaired by Wendy McCulloch, the Executive Director of the North Shore Multicultural Society, and Annwen Loverin, Executive Director of Silver Harbour Seniors’ Activity Centre.

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Capilano University is the post-secondary institution serving the North Shore. Our programs prepare students for careers in a broad range of sectors. We also provide English for Academic Preparation as well as other ESL programs. Capilano University is the steward for the North Shore Literacy Group, working with our partners to promote learning for all. In collaboration with community partners, the Community Development and Outreach Department also offers community-based literacy programs at John Braithwaite Community Centre and Queen Mary School.

We are committed to the work of the NSIIP because we want to be part of any community process that promotes interculturalism and strengthens our capacity to be an inclusive and caring community. As an institution, we serve a diverse student body, many of whom are newcomers and some of whom are international students. It is important that we learn from our community partners how to celebrate and engage the opportunities that diversity brings our institution and community.

Capilano University
Michelle LeBeau – Faculty Member
Contact Info: 604-892-5322,

The City of North Vancouver seeks to be vibrant, diverse and highly livable by balancing social, economic and environmental needs within the community. Born and shaped by a rich history, diverse culture and natural environment, the City of North Vancouver is a community with a long-term vision for the future.

The City of North Vancouver is becoming increasingly culturally diverse. Its ethnic composition is not only increasing as a proportion of the population, but also changing in terms of newcomers’ countries of origin. This change presents challenges for individuals and the community. At the same time, it raises questions about access, inclusion, community involvement, awareness, and the fundamental role of the City in serving all of its community members.

City of North Vancouver
Heather Evans – Community Planner
Contact Info: 

The District of North Vancouver – stretching from Deep Cove in the East to the Capilano River Canyon in the West – is characterized by an innovative municipal government that maintains and enhances the quality of life of its 86,000 residents and 3,700 businesses.

The District of North Vancouver is committed to working with its community partners to establish an inclusive municipality where all residents feel like they belong.

District of North Vancouver
Cristina Rucci – Social Planner
Contact Info: 604-990-2274,

West Vancouver is a waterfront community bounded by the mountains to the north, Burrard Inlet and Howe Sound to the south and west, and the Capilano River corridor to the east. The District believes that collaborative government and a spirit of civic commitment will power the innovations that shape the future.

West Vancouver is committed to providing an environment that is welcoming for all and where members of the community are treated equally and recognized for their contributions. The District believes in embracing difference and diversity to build a strong sense of global community.

District of West Vancouver (Recreation)
Arleta Beckett – Community Services and Community Development Manager
Contact Info: 604-921-3404,

District of West Vancouver
Riva Nelson – Access Services Coordinator
Contact Info – 604-925-7279,

Family Services of the North Shore is a not-for-profit, community-based agency that has been accredited for ten years and has been offering education, support and counselling services on the North Shore for more than 60 years. The agency serves close to 7,400 children, youth, adults, couples and families from a diverse array of cultural and economic backgrounds every year. Family Services has close to 350 volunteers that help ensure the agency is both caring and progressive. Its therapists pay attention to the interpersonal impact of social issues such as race, class, cultural, gender and sexual difference. Family Services offers services in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Farsi. The agency also offers “Parenting teens” in Farsi and Korean and “Couples communication” and “Post Partum Depression” in Farsi.

Our vision is a connected community where people care for one another, and we care for the whole community.

Family Services of the North Shore
Julia Staub-French – Executive Director
Contact Info: 604-988-5281,

North Shore Community Resources Society (NSCR) is a registered non-profit Canadian charity with a volunteer board and membership. Staff and volunteers deliver the society’s programs, services, and resources to the more than 180,000 residents who live on the North Shore. The society offers caregiver support, youth and senior services, lobbies for affordable housing and provides legal services.

NSCR wants all North Shore residents to welcome newcomers and feel like they belong to a community.

North Shore Community Resources
Murray Mollard – Executive Director
Contact Info: 604-985-7138,

The North Shore Multicultural Society is a non-profit organization that helps newcomers and their families learn about and understand the systems and services available on the North Shore and in Canada. We provide a full range of individual and group services, including settlement information and orientation, specialized programs for youth, parents, women and seniors, an English Language Centre, an Employment Resource Centre and diversity programs and workshops.

The society is committed to bettering services for immigrants in order to make the North Shore a welcoming place to live.

North Shore Multicultural Society
Wendy McCulloch – Executive Director
Contact Info: 604-988-2931,

The North Shore Neighbourhood House (NSNH) is a not-for-profit registered charity, serving the North Shore community since 1939. The neighbourhood house believes that working together to meet the grassroots needs of the North Shore’s most vulnerable residents is essential to building a safe, healthy and strong community.

NSNH is committed to the NSIIP’s work because improving access for newcomers to community supports is the result of a collaborative effort.

North Shore Neighbourhood House
Tricia Andrew – Director of Community Services
Contact Info: 604-290-3041,

Joanne Franko – Program Manager, Seniors
Contact Info:

The North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce provides a wide range of services and benefits to help members promote their businesses, develop strong networks, get informed, collectively advocate at all levels of government and foster economic development.

The North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping our community and engaging with organizations such as the NSIIP, which is a wonderful way to create opportunities for new immigrants.

North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce / North Vancouver Economic Partnership
Patrick Stafford-Smith – CEO
Contact Info: 604-987-4488, 


We are your library and the place you love. We have the stories you want, the information you need and can help you make the connections that matter.

The Library works to expand opportunities for newcomers to participate in North Shore life through innovative programs, services and resources. We firmly believe that our efforts are stronger when we work together with other North Shore agencies.

North Vancouver City Library
Mikale Fenton – Head of Community, Program, and Service Development
Contact Info: 604-987-7579, 

North Vancouver District Public Library is the busiest public library of its size in BC. Through our three libraries—Lynn Valley, Capilano and Parkgate—we offer rich collections of books, media and digital resources, learning programs for all ages, help in finding information, computer access and free wireless, and spaces to meet and study.

North Vancouver District Public Library strongly believes in supporting human potential and enabling the excellence of everyone in the community. We aim to be a welcoming, inclusive place that supports lifelong learning and the love of reading. Supporting the needs of immigrants and being involved in the immigrant community are essential aspect of the work the library does to build community and relationships, and help individuals connect with their community and with information.

North Vancouver District Public Library can be found online, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

North Vancouver District Library
Jacqueline van Dyk – Director of library Services
Contact Info: 604-990-5800 (ext. 8103),

The North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission is part of the City and District of
North Vancouver and was created to fulfill the municipalities’ recreation and culture

The North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission is committed to proactively responding to the recreation and cultural needs of North Vancouver residents. The commission plays an important role in improving the health and wellbeing of all individuals, families and communities. It works with service providers to proactively respond to indoor and outdoor recreation and culture needs. The commission focuses on immigrants and residents who are under-served or face barriers in terms of accessing quality recreation and culture opportunities.

North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission
Viva Sandoughdar – Recreation Access Programmer
Contact Info:

North Vancouver School District
Greg Milner – District Principal (Administrative Services)
Contact Info: 604-903-1255,

Silver Harbour is a non-profit organization that offers recreational activities and social services and is a gathering place for seniors in North Vancouver. The centre, which relies on the work of volunteers, strives to inspire and enhance the well-being of adults aged 55 and older. It offers a wide variety of activities, including physical fitness, martial arts, indoor sports, games, visual arts, performing arts, languages, cultural groups, computers, special events, outings, and informative seminars. Silver Harbour also provides legal advice, low-cost meals and refreshments, information and referral, affordable clothing and household goods, and transportation. More than 600 people visit the centre every day.

Silver Harbour helps seniors, from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, lead happy and fulfilling lives. Seniors who are connected to community-based activities tend to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthier than their more isolated counterparts. Silver Harbour is committed to NSIIP’s vision of creating a welcoming and inclusive North Shore, in particular for immigrant seniors in the community.

Vancouver Coastal Health is one of Canada’s largest health care providers, delivering medical services to a quarter of British Columbia’s population (more than one million people) in 12 municipalities and four regional districts in the Coastal Mountain communities, Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver Richmond and 14 Aboriginal communities. Vancouver Coastal Health sees an average of 914 patients in its emergency departments and 316 surgery patients in its operating rooms every day.

Vancouver Coastal Health is dedicated to providing non-discriminatory health services to all patients in the province. The authority has launched many outreach programs to fulfill this goal. For example, Prism was set up to provide information and referral services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and Two Spirit communities. Vancouver Coastal Health also works to address inequities faced by immigrants and refugees in accessing health services. Working with the NSIIP helps Vancouver Coastal Health set a good example of being a welcoming, inclusive, non-judgmental, tolerant and respectful organization.

Parkgate Community Health Centre, VCH
Andrea Winterbottom – Congregate Meals Program Coordinator
Contact Info: 604-904-6483,

West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce
Leagh Gabriel – Executive Director
Contact Info – 604-926-6614,

West Vancouver Memorial Library is located in the stunning, natural surroundings of West Vancouver’s Ambleside neighbourhood, with the seawall just a block away and the North Shore Mountains rising in the background.

West Vancouver Memorial Library is one of the first places newcomers visit when they arrive. The Library helps immigrants make connections and develop a sense of belonging in the West Vancouver community. The library’s resources include physical and digital collections, programs, information assistance, public computing, support learning and personal enrichment. There are also cosy, quiet spaces for reading and thinking, and comfortable lounges for gathering, working, and playing. The West Vancouver Memorial Library is a home away from home for many people.

The library and its staff are committed to creating a healthy community that is inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

West Vancouver Memorial Library
Jenny Benedict – Director of Library Services
Contact Info: 604-925-7424,

The West Vancouver School District (SD45) is one of 60 public school boards in British Columbia, providing K-12 education to students in West Vancouver, Bowen Island and Lions Bay. While the majority of students live in the district, the organization also provides high quality, innovative education to international students and students from outside district borders. The district is the top performing public school board in the province and offers a wide range of personalized learning options in athletics, the arts and academics.

The West Vancouver School District wants every child to develop a lifelong love of learning, to be socially responsible and to be globally aware. So, one of the district’s strategic goals includes building community connections with community organizations that support the increasingly diverse population in West Vancouver’s schools and in the community. The West Vancouver School District is pleased to partner with the NSIIP to strengthen support for those who have made a life-changing decision to live, work and learn on the North Shore.

West Vancouver School District
Lynne Block – West Vancouver School Trustee
Contact Info:

WorkBC provides services to North Shore job seekers who are looking for employment and are legally eligible to work in Canada. The employment centre offers a range of services that help job seekers find and maintain employment and improve employment readiness.

WorkBC’s mission is to touch lives and build better futures through advocacy. The centre is committed to NSIIP’s work, which focuses on building welcoming communities and supporting newcomers. Immigrants play an ever-increasing role in the North Shore’s labour market, so NSIIP’s efforts to connect immigrants to services is very important.

YWCA Employment Services
Jody Watt – Associate Director, Work BC North Shore Employment Services Centre
Contact Info: 604-988-3766,

We need everyone’s help to make the North Shore an immigrant friendly community.

Fang Deng  Immigrant Advisory Council Member
North Shore Demographics

31.6% of labour force

age 15 years and over, in the District of North Vancouver are made up of immigrants.
Source: 2016 Census

36.7% of labour force

age 15 years and over, in the City of North Vancouver are made up of immigrants.
Source: 2016 Census

19.3% of immigrants

in West Vancouver speak Mandarin most often at home.
Source: 2016 Census

18.8% of immigrants

in the City of North Vancouver are recent immigrants (landed between 2011 and 2016).
Source: 2016 Census

15.8% of immigrants

in West Vancouver are recent immigrants (landed in Canada between 2011 and 2016).
Source: 2016 Census

11.6% of immigrants

in the District of North Vancouver speak Farsi most often at home
Source: 2016 Census

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